Why Won’t It Stop?

I hate this feeling. I really fucking hate it! It’s nothing I can control as much as I REALLY wish I could. Nothing is right. Nothing is how it should be. I’m so uncomfortable but that doesn’t even describe it. Why aren’t things how they are suppose to be? This isn’t right. This isn’t what I know. I complain, yes. But no. I don’t fucking like this one bit. This isn’t right. It’s not how things are suppose to be. Why can’t I sleep. Why can’t I feel normal. When is this going to be over. WHY. nothing is right at all. I can’t help it. Why won’t my legs stop moving. Everything is too uncomfortable. I hate it so much. To the point I really hope no one else understands. I don’t know how this became one of my comforts because it is so damn uncomfortable. But I can’t stop. My legs got tired so I hope it stops no one will understand the redmarks and I’m sure it’ll turn into some stupid joke. But it’s real for me. And the people that get it. It is so real for us. I’m glad the panic makes me tired for now, but when tomorrow comes I know it will be the same thing over agin. Even with the medicine, why won’t it stop?

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