The Dark Days

Winter has always been a comfort for me. The dark gloomy days. The cold. Grey clouds somehow thin but think enough to block the light. The sunshine. The happiness. No one wants to go outside when the happiness is gone. I prefer it that way though. The cold air hitting my face and breathing in the smell of a storm coming soon. Lightening and thunder have always brought my comfort. The beauty of winter. I never understood how people could fear it. The roar of the sky from the pain of light shooting down to cut it into pieces. Maybe that’s why the sky cries.. The storms always bring chaos and unknown. They rip through towns destroying whatever is in their way and taking what they want. Maybe that is why it brings me comfort. Chaos. Unknown. Destruction. Selfish actions without the thought of how another person will be affected. Or maybe it’s effected I’m not too sure.

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